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Colorguard After High School: The “Retired” Member Published Oct. 5th, 2016
Despite what it may feel like now, there is life after colorguard member. Read about this member’s experience after retiring from colorguard.

How To: Survive Bus Rides Published Sept 21st, 2016
Bus rides can be a time of great fun and new memories, but sometime the long bus rides can be a true struggle! Read this article for tips on how to make the most out of your bus rides.

Getting that Band Aid to Stick Published Sept. 7th, 2016
We’ve all been their, you get a cut somehow in the midst in colorguard rehearsal and no matter what, you can’t get a bandaid to stay on with all the running and spinning you do. Figure out how to work through that!

Self Love and Staying Positive Published Aug. 24th, 2016
Ever felt discouraged about colorguard? Read this article for tips on how to stay positive even during the hardest experiences!

Weird Colorguard Terms to Know Published Aug. 10th, 2016
Toaster? Pitch? Sail? What in the world could these words have in common? Colorguard, duh!

Colorguard after High School: Transitioning Published July 27th, 2016
Ever been curious on the big difference between high school and college/independent colorguard? Read this article to gain insight!

Show Hair Published July 13th, 2016
Read this article for tips on how to get your hair show ready!

Ten Struggles of Being in Colorguard Published June 29th, 2016
If you don’t find glitter EVERYWHERE, are you really in colorguard?

Spinning with Depression  Published June 15th, 2016
Mental illnesses like depression can be a drain and halt one’s life. Find out how this colorguard member pushed through and learn how to live life despite their depression.

What to Pack in Your Guard Bag Published June 1st, 2016
Always forgetting stuff for guard? Always overpacking? Read this article to find out how to be prepared for all things guard without overstuffing your bag!

My First Colorguard Experience Published May 18th, 2016
Read about how this member feel in love with the sport!

Catch It Quick: Tendinitis Published May 4th, 2016
Learn how to spot the signs of tendinitis!

Dayton Published April 20th, 2016
Have you never been able to go to WGI World Champs in Dayton? Read all about what it’s like in this article!

Catch It Quick: Stress Fractures Published April 6th, 2016
Be on the look out for the signs of stress fractures with the help of this article!

Colorguard After High School: Auditions Published March 23rd, 2016
Read about what college colorguard auditions are like!

Catch It Quick: Concussions Published March 9th, 2016
Learn how to spot concussions!

How to Get the MOST Out of Your Marching Experience Published Feb. 24th, 2016
7 ways you can make the most out of your marching experience!

About For the Love Of Colorguard Published Feb 10th, 2016
This article is a brief history of FLOC and our founders.