Colorguard is one of those activities that can be super discouraging when it gets difficult or frustrating. The performing arts in general are a complex place: on one hand, they are selfless because they are expressing feeling and giving feeling to an audience so as to evoke a reaction in the audience. On the other hand, they are selfish because they usually involve auditions and competition. The stigma of “being the best” at a performing art is one that comes up a lot. In colorguard, and all performing arts, we tend to get down on ourselves when we think that we’re not good enough.

I have found, through my experiences in singing and in colorguard, that the first step to staying positive and giving an authentic performance is looking inside oneself and taking a second to become centered and grounded. Next, take a long, deep breath—take in all of the beauty of the world and all of your favorite things about yourself, and how excited you are to give this performance! Exhale the insecurities and negativity you may have bottled up inside. Now go out there and kill it!

After a performance, it’s important to maintain the positive attitude! Just because you may have made several mistakes (it’s almost impossible not to and although we strive for perfection, it’s not a realistic goal each and every time), doesn’t mean you are any less talented. Focus on the things that you did well, and celebrate them instead of focuses on on the things that you may have not been perfect at. And keep practicing! Eventually you will get close to that perfect performance if you work hard and never give up!

Written By Kara Levchenko