Hello friends!

Today I’m going to ramble on for a little bit about the magical world of show hair! Show design is important. Instructors spend hours picking flags, uniforms, floor designs not to mention writing staging and choreography. But there’s another important element to a show, the performers hair. I know what you’re thinking: throw it in a bun. Classic and can never be over done. Well, that my friends is where you are wrong! Show hair helps set the tone of the show and the choice has to be done with the style of the show in mind. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a good bun. Take Pride of Cincinnati, 2016. They finished in 1st place in world class and they used buns. But the bun fit their aesthetic. Getting the right hair to compliment the uniform and the rest of the show design is important.

So the first step is to decide what tone you want to set with your hair. Is your show about some kind of chaos or wilderness? Tease your hair. Is your show pretty, the uniforms flowy? Curly hair with a good braid. Or a glittery bun. The possibilities are truly endless.

Another important thing to consider when your choosing show hair is how many people can do it? Intricate braids are gorgeous and go with a lot of different show themes but some people are 100% inept at hair. Having one or two people that can duplicate your intricate braid may not work out for you in the long run. A way to combat this is to have a workshop where everyone learns how to do the hair. That way it’s done the same way in the same style and you can figure out who is good at doing hair.

A great way to get show hair ideas is Pinterest. Pinterest has a plethora of hair ideas easily at your fingertips and ready for your choosing. Tutorials are also available to make sure you can figure out how to turn your inspiration into a reality.

Written By Kerri Seaman