If you’ve ever been on a colorguard team, you know that instructors use some strange terms when they are teaching us work. I’m sure everyone has a different name for certain things but these are a few that I have heard of throughout my years in colorguard.

1) Toaster – This refers to the plane of the flag in front of you and behind you, not the thing you cook toast in.

2) Pitch – This is the angle of the flag to the person’s body, the flag is usually spun horizontal or vertical but sometimes it is on what we call a pitch – which is often a 45-degree angle.

3) Sail – The problem when the fabric of the flag gets caught on the top stopper of the flag. This is the thing that everyone hates to get when spinning a flag, because it makes your flag heavier to spin and toss.

4) Buzzing – Usually used when your spinning rifle or saber, but is when you do a toss very tight. In other words, if you compare your toss to other people and everyone’s toss is the same height except yours and it’s lower, then you’re probably buzzing.

5) Cleaning – This is not the cleaning that you would normally think of. This type of cleaning consists of reviewing your show and the work piece by piece so that everyone is together on the same count.

6) Cheater Tape – These are the pieces of tape that you put on the bottom of a flag pole to use as a reference point to where you place your hand, becomes very helpful when cleaning work.

7) Money Hand – This is a way of grabbing the pole with your palm up toward the ceiling with your thumb pointing outward and the pole is in-between your palm and your thumb. You can also do a money hand toss, but it is not a hand full of money or anything else you could be thinking.

8) Butt – This isn’t your butt, but it is the butt of your rifle which is the big end of it. Not the skinnier end of your rifle because that is called your nose.

9) Air-Flag – This is when you don’t have room to spin a flag or you don’t have a flag, you “air-flag it” or pretend you have a flag in your hand and do your work just like you would with a flag.

10) Dinosaur Arm – This is when you do a toss and you leave your hands up by your chest instead of bringing them down by your side. Dinosaur Arms = Very Bad!

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the fun terms! 🙂

Written By Samantha Gomez