Everyone who has been in colorguard or marching band knows the struggle of those long bus rides. Sometimes some really great memories are made on those buses! Of course, there are also some not-so-good memories of these bus rides.

On the day of a long bus ride to a marching band competition, people are full of energy! They are excited to perform so everyone’s a little bit hyper. But people also may be on edge from an early morning of practicing or as it gets toward the end of the season. To get the best bus ride experience, make sure you’ve got these things covered!

1. Have yummy snacks (sweet, salty, and water!) to tide you over before dinner
2. Have your headphones and enough data saved up so you can listen to your favorite pump-up tunes or watch Netflix!
3. Have a hand-held mirror and extra make up so you can touch up right before getting off the bus.
4. A scarf, gloves, a comfy sweatshirt, a blanket, and ear warmers (the bus can get cold, but it can also get hot—bring layers to take on and off)
5. Advil: for those unexpected cramps or headaches!
6. Portable phone charger (you’ll be sorry if you don’t have this!)
7. Some homework (although you probably won’t get it done, it’s nice to have the option)
8. A pillow! (for the long ride home)
9. Some gum or mints (its going to be a long day and there is going to be a lot of eating)
10. Deodorant (you’ll be thankful to have it)

These are all the physical items you should bring with you but something else to keep in mind is who your seat partner is. If it’s going to be the same person all season make sure it’s a person that you rarely get into  fights with! In this case your best friend might not be the best option if you two are known for having little fights every once in awhile!

There will be many long bus rides during the season and you want to be as comfortable as possible and I hope that these tips helped!

Written By Kara Levchenko