One of the most difficult aspects of colorguard is the task of getting a band aid to stick to your body when you are sweating, moving, and spinning. I am going to give you some tips that will help sustain the duration which a band aid will stay on your body, however these tips are not foolproof, your band aid will probably fall off eventually. The three main tools I will focus on are electrical tape, gauze, and cloth. First and foremost, make sure that your band aid is intended for the part of your body which you want to use it on! There are great flexible band aids for toes, fingers, wrists, ankles, knees, and more!

If the band aid will not stick, make sure it is the right type and size for your wound. Thicker bandaids add more protection, but translucent band aids are more flexible. If the wound is on a smaller part of your body, like your finger or wrist, wrap the band aid in either cloth or gauze, and then securely tape the fabric in place. This will keep it from cutting off circulation and will protect the band aid from getting wet or torn off by a flag or weapon.

Another option includes placing a glove or brace over the area so that the band aid has extra protection. If the covering gets wet, Another method is to use adhesive tape (or guard tape, which is what normally is on hand, but not the most effective). Wrap the tape or adhesive around the band aid to help it stick.

Apply rubbing alcohol to the wound and then letting the area dry before applying a band aid will also help it stick. This is because the rubbing alcohol will dry up any oils or liquids on the skin which might make the bandaid less sticky.

Remember, even if the band aid sticks on for a while, make sure to change it regularly and keep it clean! Safe spinning, and good luck!

Written By Laura Siegel