For the Love of Colorguard (FLOC) is a service organization that was founded on October 27, 2005 at James Madison University. We became an official club on April 4th of 2006. Our founders are Erin Johnson, Misha Drauszewski, Suzanne Gendreau,  Laura Gooding, Cat Nightengale, Tara Lowrie, Molly Hoffman, and Sarah Drauszewski. They created For the Love of Colorguard to improve colorguard in James Madison University’s student community, as well as in the surrounding community, through service and fundraising.

We started out as a small club that helped the Marching Royal Dukes Colorguard and Nuance Winterguard, and now we have around 50 members and we try and reach out to as many different teams as possible, no matter how far away they are! If you know of a colorguard that needs help in anyway shoot us an email ( and we will do whatever we can to help!

Check back on our website every other week to view new articles by our sisters!

Written by Rachel Moditz